About Neeva

Here are our aims:
1) Inspire students and cultivate love of learning for lifetime
2) Motivate students to create practical inventions that solve problems in everyday life
3) Achieve social good

We want to initiate projects with students that satisfy these 3 criteria. We wish to create a true win-win situation where there should be benefits to students, parents, teachers and society as a whole.

We want to offer practical vocational skills to students that they can use to solve real life problems. Such skills would enable students to easily find jobs or create their own business. We can be mentors helping students find jobs or run their businesses.

We want to offer a world-class education with cutting-edge technologies and latest scientific research. In fast paced technological times, your textbooks become outdated within a year of their publication. We understand the confusing maze of modern technological landscape and we can guide students to explore it themselves.

Let’s explain these 3 aspects in the following way:
1) Love of Learning:
Life is even richer when you make learning a life-long process. Have you seen the expression of awe on the face of a scientist when he conducts an experiment and sees the results? Maybe you don’t know a scientist closely enough to observe that but I would still claim that you have seen it and been fascinated by it. You have seen that on the face of a child. Realize that for a child it is a brand new experiment and that is a new discovery although billions of children have done it before.


  • What would you want to learn if you didn’t have to worry about admissions and getting jobs?
  • What would you study if knowledge was disconnected from earning potential?
  • What kind of learning would make you sacrifice some time from movies, sports, and other such universally respected and sacred time-sinks?


This is not just for certain age group and not just for science students. Anyone from any background can get started on this path.

We do not believe in textbooks, exams, scores or degrees. We believe true knowledge and practical skills count lot more than all these.

Please don’t think that only nerds would love learning and this is not for you – the anti-nerd. If you think that, most likely, you haven’t found the right guru yet and you haven’t found your learning passion.

Our goal is to help you discover what lies hidden inside you.

2) Invention:
Learning is a beautiful pursuit but it is even more beautiful when you use it as a tool to make something real. That transforms you from a student to a maker. It transforms you from being a consumer to a creator. You might enjoy playing videogames. But, if you can create your own videogame it gives you an even more exhilarating feeling.

Modern civilization keeps creating more and more addicting substances of consumption – movies, novels, TVs, smart-phones, gaming apps, etc. However, when you can understand the action behind stage, drama on front-stage becomes even more interesting. Even going from state of pure consumer to 99% consumer, 1% creator is a wonderful feeling that is hard to describe. One wonderful outcome of modern civilization is that tons of tools of creation are free, one-click away and waiting to be discovered by you. Once you discover such tools, your life changes in in-describable ways.

You have the power to change the reality instead of complaining. Why not change reality in our own tiny (or giant) way!

3) Gift:
What would you like to be your small gift to the society? Think of it similar to casting your vote as a democratic duty. It may sound meaningless as being 1 vote out of a billion votes (one part per billion!). But, your vote is not really worthless. Your child may be one out of billions but that doesn’t make your child worthless.

Human mind is very complex and is moved by many feelings. However, modern society just seems to use a simplified remote control to control humans. This remote control has just two buttons – fear and greed. Governments and kings and dictators have primarily just used fear. Modern corporations and business-people rely mostly just on greed. Even the Governments’ concept of greed boils down to terms of less fear and less pain. For example, if you follow the laws, less taxes and less time in jail. And when corporations want to use fear, they express it in terms of greed, i.e. satisfying less of your greed. For example, if you disobey your boss, smaller raise for you.

So, the conventional wisdom is to make humans do anything, you have to use fear and greed. However, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Some very practical people want to question why they should do anything, even if it is a small act of random kindness. They are perpetually tuned on to a radio station called Wii-fm (or Wii4me) – “What’s in it for me?”. And yes, one part of human mind is very selfish. But, I think that selfish part is not all there is. If we just see selfish-ness, it is kind of like thinking that a house has nothing but the door. Sometimes selfish-ness should be thought of as a door to access the good inner parts of a person.

Freedom from this hell of fear and heaven of greed is an amazing feeling!

Nirvana lies in a promised land away from hell of fear and heaven of greed. There you are not subject to such a remote control. You are a free soul and you follow your passions without regard for reward or punishment. You are not forced to do anything. But, you still want to do something instead of watching movies all day. And you voluntarily make a small gift to the society, collectively to all our children, to the entire biosphere. And you derive satisfaction and true happiness from having contributed a little something whether anybody knows about your contribution or not.

You don’t have to be a super-star enterpreneur or scientist or a social leader to be able to make a gift to society. Even raising your child with good values is a gift to society. If you see a stone on road that might hurt somebody and you move it out of the way, even that is a small gift. You see mistakes in a wikipedia article and you correct it – all without any expectation of reward and without fear of punishment.

Arab families in sahara desert leave a pot of water outside their hut at night. Realize that water is a precious commodity to give for these poor people. They would never get a thank-you from travelers who drink their water. But, they still do it. This is their gift.