Innovative Wiki + Forums

  • In ancient days of the Internet, there used to roam around wild beasts called “Forums”, also known as Message Boards or Bulletin Boards. And that was the only way to share information and benefit from brains of your fellow humans! And it became miserable.
  • So, some good people invented Wikis to have easy one-click mass collaborative editing of higher quality informative articles. However, forums didn’t go extinct and they wouldn’t go extinct in near future.
  • See forums still offer something that wikis don’t have. You can ask questions, get answers from real people, you can argue where there are no settled facts, etc. But, the problem with forums is that often you have to read pages of discussion and you feel frustrated and confused without much clear information.
  • A key problem is that these two animals have stayed separate. But, it would be great if we can create a symbiotic merger where we leverage the best aspects of both.
  • It would be wonderful to design a new user experience with some fancy buttons etc. to coalesce and collate knowledge emerging from forum fights to easily create wiki pages. As knowledge bubbles up from forum fights, it should ascend to more organized form of wikis. And most importantly, this little bits of knowledge shouldn’t get lost in the giant noise of forum feuds!!
  • Output: A new user experience design and working web UI.