Lab grown meat!

Meat without guilt!

  • Every year billions of animals get killed for what they carry on their bones – something that cannot be peacefully taken as pickpockets steal your wallet.
  • Among the causalties in 2011, there were 296 million cows and 58.11 billion chicken. In India alone, 21.5 million cows and buffaloes, and 84.11 million goats and sheep were killed in 2011. And the numbers keep rising in every country and it is celebrated as part of GDP growth. Check Meat Atlas
  • If this doesn’t bother you or you think there is nothing you can do about it, please just move to the next page.
  • If you wish to do something about it, what is the solution? You might blame it on other people – other traditions, or “the system” etc. But, if you were in their position, you would see that it is very hard for people to change their diet from childhood. For one person it might mean intolerable violence but for another it is a symbol of family love and tradition – something they enjoyed with family since childhood. Also, it is ridiculous to expect everyone in the world to convert to some religious sect that strictly demands vegetarianism.
  • So, the only realistic solution is to separate meat from the violence and environmental degradation issue.  Here are two solutions: 1) Lab Grown Meat that is identical to real meat but without any animals, 2) Fake Meat that would fool even hard-core meat eaters
  • So, if you are really motivated, what can you do about it?
    • Learn about the technology and latest research and see where you can contribute – anywhere from research, production, marketing, supply chain etc . Even if you have no background in molecular biology, a huge amount of knowledge is on the internet.
    • If you think you cannot do anything because you don’t have degree in Biology, look at all those people who made lot of money from computers, cell-phones, etc. who had no degree in Computer Science. There are always opportunities in sales, marketing, supply chain, finance, etc. in any technical field. Good thing about working in a new field is that you have almost zero competition if you stay ahead on technology trends!
    • If more people work on it, this transition to “meat without animals” would happen much sooner. So, you have a very good learning opportunity and if your hard work brings it even 1 day sooner, that means millions of animals would be saved from slaughter and you get to make good amount of money from saving lives!!