Sustainable food at your fingertips

Welcome to the beautiful world of plants! Beautiful thing about the natural world is that nature puts up a spectacular 4 dimensional show – matching with the modern physics theory of space and time! In a beautiful forest there is dense 3-dimensional packing of life.  At the lowest level are grasses, vines and other living ground-cover that won’t break even if elephants walk on them! Then there are lots small plants and bushes whose height seems to match humans and other animals as if they are created to offer nourishment to animals within reach. And then there are towering trees rivalling heights of human buildings. Have you been impressed by trees that gave you shade and cool air even when you were on 2nd or 3rd floor of a house?

And then every time you look there is something new in nature – new colors of fresh flowers, faded glory, morning dew.

  • We have all been told that agriculture is a great human invention and agriculture as we know it now is the best way to do it. Question it. What should be the future of growing food? Should that mean business as usual? Or do some ancient and ultra-modern high tech techniques offer an alternative?
  • Study – permaculture, hydroponics, aquaponics, ecological approach to growing food.
  • Study why NASA is doing research in these topics?
  • Maybe you think food is too cheap to worry about and so it is pointless to study this. But, think about this. Some ready made fast food is so cheap that it may seem pointless to maintain a kitchen, buy and store groceries, cook, clean dishes, etc. But, we still do it. Why?? Because life is much richer than dull and cheap efficiency and economy. Having a kitchen amounts to more control over taste, food quality, customization, better quality of life, better health. And it amounts to more freedom, more control over life instead of being at the mercy of questionable things a giant supply chain of invisible and many times not-so-responsible hands put in to your body.
  • Maybe you still think worrying about growing food is just for poor and starving farmers and we the “educated” should spend time on more important things like – slogging at a corporate job, padding zeros in our bank accounts, computers, facebook, whatsapp, video games, etc. I am not saying we shouldn’t have fun and become monks. But, if you cut an hour a week from TV / videogames and grow beautiful flowering plants that show something interesting every time you look, will it change your life a little? Will it make your home little more interesting and homey? You may not need to grow food. But, everyone can use a little shine and color and invite nature into their home!
  • If having a kitchen makes a house a home and enriches life, why not a kitchen garden? If you say you have no land, why not a high tech small growing system? With latest technologies we have options that we never had before even for the land-less.
  • Check what might have inspired this IIT graduate to spend a huge amount of time to learn about permaculture and practice it in a city bungalow without land: Times of India – Growing food on roof!